The Research Advancement & Development Professionals Network

Research advancement and development professionals across the University possess a broad knowledge base and a critical skill set that helps individual faculty and teams of researchers secure external funding. While levels of investment in such professionals vary across colleges and departments, research advancement and development professionals generally provide the following services:

  • Track and identify funding opportunities with targeted dissemination
  • Assist in developing grant proposals
  • Connect researchers across disciplines
  • Pool resources to be competitive for larger grants
  • Facilitate large-scale, multi-institutional, collaborative, translational, and interdisciplinary research teams (team science)
  • Recommend strategic initiatives for research advancement

The RADPN network supports this community in their work.


Provide professional development, training, and networking opportunities to research advancement and development professionals at the University of Minnesota.


RADPN will build institutional capacity to attract extramural funding, increase operational efficiency and efficacy, reduce administrative burden on the faculty, and thereby increase UMN institutional competitiveness.

Membership & Steering Committee

Anyone who works with the UMN research enterprise is invited to join RADPN. General members are included on the email discussion group and are invited to attend trainings and events and to participate in workgroups. The 7-person RADPN steering committee is comprised of RADPN members and is elected annually. The steering committee sets the group's direction.

RADPN Materials available on Google Drive: RADPN Public Drive

RADPN, an independent community of practice, receives support from the Office of the Vice President for Research.

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